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Tuesday, January 4 | |

Pure Happiness With Friends

Closer, This Time

King of the Red Shoe Diaries

The Thinker

Busy Paparazzis

Lovely Couple

The Model with The Thinker

Good Friends

Four Gorgeous Bloggers


Tanya said...

hahaa! ang kulit ng pictures! galeng! :-p gotta love em cameraphones huh? :-p let's all hang out again.. hehehe.. pag dating ni fafa jay this march..

yeah sayang i didn't get to stay longer after dinner but there's always a next time. :)

Anonymous said...

doc, bakit parang magkagalit kami ni tito rolly sa isang pic? hehe, nice shots!

masakit pa din ba jaw ni Jane? :)

ting-aling said...

Huh! Hanggang ngayon wala pa ring pangalan yung Japanese friend ni BongK at ni Tito Rolly? At kasama ulit nila? **wink, wink**

Toni said...

More pics! Yehey! :)

rolly said...

Doc, di ba yung "the thinker" sculpture ni Rodin na parang jumejebs? hahaha

Folks, hindi po kami nagkagalit ni Mari, kahit itanong pa po ninyo sa kanya. :-)

BongK said...

Doc E, thanks sa mga (walang paalam) na kuha sa akin ha hehehehehe, the coffee at starbucks was a blast, sana maulit muli, regards kay ATE Jane hehehehehe

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dr. Emer said...

Tanya: Next time, be sure to stay put. Tito Rolly's prowess as a comedian usually begins near midnight. =)

Mari: Unti-unti nakaka-recover si Jane. Bumili nga kami ng white flower, eh! =)

Ting-Aling: Oo nga, naligaw na naman yang Hapon na yan. =)

Toni: We should publish a magazine someday. ;)

Tito Rolly: Yep, that's the one. Maybe you were a Rodin model in your past life? :)

BongK: Welcome back, sir! Hamo, sa susunod, mas lalo pang stolen shots ang gagawin ko. :)

bayibhyap said...

I am seeing a lot of people where I previously see as names in blogs. And all appear to have a wonderful time. Dr Emer, the smiling handsome gentleman in the photo captioned "Good Friends" must be you. And would that be Jane, your soulmate next to you?

eye said...

bongk as the king of the red shoe diaries, natawa ako dun sa caption ah hahaha!

g said...

I have missed all these due to my busy life but am glad I am able to catch up :)

Can you imagine Doc, if ate gigi and the rest of us are there, the fun and beauty meter will be off the scale! hehehe :P

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