Delicious, Nutritious Longan

Thursday, July 21 | |


bayi said...

Longansare really delicious, especially the large meaty ones from Thailand. But you have to be careful if you are eating them. It is an open secret that the Thais apply a certain chemical to kepp them looking fresh for a longer time so that they can be exported. To be really safe, wash the longans or submerge them in water for a couple of hours before rinsing them thoroughly. Use your hands to peel them and do not use your mouth to bite the skin. I was advised to do this by a Thai hawker when I bought some from a Thai market.

The longan taste fantastic if you chill them before eating!!

Dr. Emer said...

Thanks for warning me, Bayi. I will do that from now on.

cergie said...

Merci du conseil de préparation. Je préfère les longans aux litchees. Ma mère me racontait que dans son village du nord du Vietnam, les enfants utilisaient les noyaux comme billes...

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