When It Rains, It Really Pours

Friday, August 26 | |

In Manila, a continuous drizzle for a straight fifteen to twenty minutes means street floods like the one you see above. Extend the rain for ten more minutes, and you will see floods which are either thigh- or knee-deep already. It causes trouble for pedestrians like office workers, students, young pupils, and patience-tester-traffics for motorists. No one in authority has really devoted time and enough passion to solve this worsening perennial problem.


bayi said...

This happens when development proceeds faster than the allowance and provision for proper drainage. But it could also happen when the local authorities are not effective in keeping the drains clean or the locals have been throwing rubbish indiscriminately into the drains.

The flooding occurs when the drains are obstructed and are unable to ferry away the rain waters quickly enough. Hence, the flash floods. But it's not just the drains. If the rivers are full of uncleared rubbish, those living by the rivers may also experience flooding, especially those living along the stretch further down the river where the water becomes sluggish in its flow.

It is a perennial problem, more pronounced when the monsoon season comes. It requires civic-mindedness from the people not to throw their rubbish into the drains and the rivers, the developers not to discharge their excess aggregates and concrete into the most convenient drainage system and the authorities to give some priority to the maintenance of the drainage system under their care. The people pay taxes for this service.

Dr. Emer said...

People pay taxes but they know not where it goes.

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