Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Monday, January 30 | |

Kodak CX7430 Zoom, aperture at f2.90, shutter speed at 1/8 sec., focal length of 34mm, no flash, ISO 200, 01/29/06 at 15:38pm

This is part of the Chinese new year decoration at Changi airport in Singapore. I used #12 Kodak Wratten glass photo filter simulators to enhance this image.


Sidney said...

Kiong He Huat Chay!
You have nice pictures in your photo blog. I will link you to my blog.

Dr Emer said...

Coming from you, that's a true compliment. Thanks! I've linked you already in my main blog. :)

John said...

Nice lions, very colourful shot. Kiong Hee Huat Chay!

Dr Emer said...

Hello, John. Initially I thought they were lions too, but a Singaporean corrected me later. They were dogs. :)

bayi said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai. That's "A Happy and Prosperous New Year" in pinyin Mandarin, as used in Singapore.

How did the dogs come into the picture? I may be wrong but as a Chinese, I have never heard any stories about dogs and the New Year. No, they aren't lions but the Chinese mythological monster "nien" are what I thought these creatures should be.

Did the Singaporean mean that they depicted dogs because this is the year of the DOG?

Dr Emer said...

Coming from you, Bayi, I think that is the BEST explanation for these creatures. I also figured that they didn't look like lions or dogs, but since I was a visitor I just nodded.

bayi said...

The monster required a sacrifice of a young girl every year. Everyone was afraid of it and had to do as it wanted. By accident, it was discovered that the monster was afraid of red and loud noises. Hence, the celebration of the Chinese New Year with everything red and the setting off of fire crackers. There are some other versions of the story but the elements of nien, red color and loud noises form the framework.

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