Tired and Weary

Tuesday, January 24 | |

Nokia 6280, standard mode, 01/23/06 at 03:48pm

Tired and weary, this boy (who I surmise must be an elementary pupil) couldn't even manage to stay awake while riding a jeepney home. He was already asleep when I got on, and he would have missed his destination hadn't the cautious driver tried to wake him up. To emphasize his plight, I selectively turned his environment to heavy sepia tone.


mimi said...

nakita ko po blog nyo dito..

yung pic.. nalala ko college years ko.. super ganyan ako.. heheh.. djahe.. astig ng kuha.. alang malay ang subject....

Dr Emer said...

He looked so tired. I can imagine how he will be when gets to college. :)

bayi said...

I am always sympathetic to those who have to travel long distances to get to school, or if they have to work to help subsidize family expenses. And the long wait for public transport...

Dr Emer said...

Don't forget the pollution, Bayi. The air pollution is terrible here.

Paul said...

Doc, ingat lang sa paglilitrato sa jeepney.

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