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Kodak CX7430 Close-Up, aperture at f4.00, shutter speed at 1/8 sec., focal length of 66mm, no-flash, ISO 400

These days, it rains in the afternoons, providing a perfect opportunity for a mushroom to grow. I was delighted to see this one in the backyard of a relative.


John said...

Nice colour and detail. I think I might have cropped out the 3 plastic objects on the right edge.

Maile Lani said...

lol it looks like its gonna jump off and go for a walk :)

Sidney said...

Lovely! Nice DOF & colors! How did you achieved the blue color?
I agree with John about cropping out the objects.

Emer said...

Thanks, guys. I hesitated in cropping the objects on the right because I wanted to present this image as I saw it. Mushrooms sprout where you least expect them to grow. The blue color was inadvertently achieved when I noticed that the camera's lighting source was swt on fluorescent mode.

jepaperts said...

very nice image! dof, colors, and composition are good. i agree with others as well with regards to cropping. while you're at pp work, you might as well add frames to make it more beautiful. tfs!

eye said...

galing naman ito, 1 mushroom lang talaga yung tumubo. nice isolation of subject vs. background :)

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