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Kodak CX7430 Zoom, aperture at f4.60, shutter speed at 1/30 sec., focal length of 102mm, no-flash, ISO 140

There are 4 sets of statues on top of the Main Building in UST. I have pictures of all sets. Among the four, my favorite is this set which you see in this photo. They are the statues of --- from left to right --- Fr. Vincent de Beauvais, O.P., St. Augustine, St. Raymond de Peñafort, O.P. They were all creations of the great Italian painter and sculptor Francesco Riccardo Monti. I took this picture minutes after sunset. For me, as the darkness slowly crept in, the sculpures remained standing guard and watching over the world below.


John said...

Nice image, like the strong colour, powerful.

bayi said...

Silhouttes against a blue sky. Very impressive indeed.

The picture also reminds of the three wise men at the birth of Christ.

Sidney said...

Silhouettes in the dark sky! Impressive ! Excellent!

ja said...

hi doc! wow ang ganda... have you gone on that floor? i think thats on the 4th of the main bldg... maganda ang view from the top din :)

eye said...

great silhouette effect doc, plus the stems/plants on both sides added drama to the entire scene :)

Emer said...

Thanks for the kind words, guys!

One of these days I'll go on the 4th Fl., Ja. Thanks.

husengB said...

nice to see pictures that brings back memories. - My alma mater since High school - thanks doc and btw, nice picture!

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