Les Poissons

Friday, June 2 | |

Kodak CX7430 Auto, aperture at f4.10, shutter speed at 1/250 sec., focal length of 82mm, no-flash, ISO 80

Seldom do I see fish who are excited when a person comes near them. I speculate it's probably because other visitors might have pampered them with food items. Sadly, I had no food with me when I approached them. These are one of the 13 varieties of Japanese catfish found in the lake near the iris flower garden in Meiji Shrine. Oh, and if you're still confused what's the plural of fish, read this.


John Prior said...

These are difficult to shoot, good capture.

tin-tin said...

that is a good shot. you really showed how hungry the fish are :)

JMom said...

Rather than a painting looking like a photograph, this photograph looks like a painting. Great shot, doc!

Emer said...

Thank you for the kind praises, my friends. :)

bayi said...

I agree with JMom. Looks exactly like a painting. I was wondering why you have posted a painting until I realised that it is indeed a photo. They are so gigantic that they don't look like catfish at all, if not for the whisker-like strips from their mouth.

Emer said...

It is 100 percent photography, Bayi. :)

cergie said...

Je ne vais pas rentrer dans les subtilités de la langue anglaises ! Je continuerai à écrire fishes et tout le monde comprendra ce qui est le principal ! Aha ! ;-)

cergie said...

Et "les poissons" me saute aux yeux !

Emer said...

Il y a ceux qui sont particulier au sujet des détails et de l'utilisation de grammaire, Cergie. Mais je suis d'accord avec toi que la beauté devrait régner au-dessus de la préoccupation des détails. Merci!

Florian said...

I found your blog via google by accident and have to admit that youve a really interesting blog :-)
Just saved your feed in my reader, have a nice day :)

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