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Kodak CX7430, aperture at f2.73, shutter speed at 1/30 sec., focal length of 34mm, no-flash, ISO 140

This is the dimsum store we go to whenever we are in Singapore. They always serve it hot and fresh.

C'est notre restaurant préféré de dimsum que nous allons toutes les fois que nous sommes à Singapour. Ils le servent toujours chaud et frais.


Sidney said...

My favorite dish!
You can see they are fresh and hot!

Sidney said...

Oh, forgot to ask.
Where do you eat the best dimsum in Manila?

ipanemabrazil said...

Dimsum! Sunday breakfast is dimsum time. By the way, it is always served hot.

Emer said...

I will email you my recommendations, Sidney. :)

Oh yes, Ipanema. I think they do that in Singapore and Malaysia as well. Bayi wanted to have the Sunday breakfast the last time we were there, but we had to go KLCC because it opens very early, too.

ipanema said...

That's true doc. I got it from the Chinese actually. It became a ritual. :)

JMom said...

I can live on dimsum alone :)

I like how you captured the smoke.

cergie said...

Comme j'aime la cuisine à la vapeur! J'ai mangé du riz au crevettes cuit dans un ustensile pareil de bambou hier dans un restaurant japonais... Délicieux...
Je ne sais ce que sont les dimsum. Ce doit être super !

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