Busy Day

Wednesday, September 13 | |

Kodak CX7430, aperture at f6.70, shutter speed at 1/350 sec., focal length of 53mm, no-flash, ISO 80

This is how a typical busy day looks like in one of Metro Manila's major avenues.

C'est comment un jour occupé typique ressemble dedans à un des avenues principales de Manille de Métro.


Sidney said...

I have seen EDSA more busy! But maybe people don't use their cars as much as before because of the high oil prices.
Nice view! Very "crisp".

may said...

wow...i have been gone for a long 4 years! i can't even remember that street THAT slow and quiet.i need to go home and see this.

seriously, great photo. i can almost smell the heat:)

Emer said...

SIDNEY: This was taken a few days ago around 10 - 11am. It's certainly not a busier street than a rush hour would probably look like.

MAY: How many years have you been away? Yes, it's sweltering hot when I took this photo.

ipanema said...

wow. looks like an aerial photo. were you in a building or a moving vehicle? :) I'm trying to get a mental picture where in EDSA is this...hmm.

may said...

dr. emer... 4 years, 7 months, 17 days, and 20 hours as i type this. that is way too long, but the kids are a bit too young for my neurotic mind to go hop on a plane.

but i tell you, i have played my itenerary in my head over and over and over. when that day finally comes, that i will see the philippine airport again, it will be emotional. it is pathological, i know. that's why i enjoy looking at the pictures you post...they send me home vibes. thanks.

Emer said...

Was I somehow flying,Ipanema? *LOL* Now, that would be wonderful. No. I was on the upper deck level of Boni station. They have a nice viewing deck there. The train in the picture is the 10:20 which I had been waiting for.

Then, I will try to post more pictures on this beloved and forsaken country of ours, May. The way I see it, baka sa new Terminal 3 ka na mag-land. It will finally open after a long wait. Cool ka lang. Time flies fast. Malapit ka nang umuwi. :)

ipanema said...

lol doc. ok, got it. :)

John said...

Busy indeed, but very interesting.

eden said...

blog hopped from marichu.love that scene too...great shot !

kind regards!

Emer said...

Welcome to my photo journal, Eden! :)

Sidney said...

Will they ever open terminal3 ? ;-)
I think that place got bad Feng shui...

Emer said...

There's a rumor that GMA will use it already upon her return from Europe next week, Sidney. :)

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