The Blind Pianist

Friday, October 13 | |

Kodak CX7430, aperture at f3.00, shutter speed at 1/60 sec., focal length of 42mm, auto-flash, ISO 80

Johann Bach once said that it is easy to play any musical instrument --- all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself. And so it is true when I heard this blind pianist play his enchanting music. He needed no notes to guide him. He only had his spirit and his passion. Those were enough.

Johann Bach une fois que dit qu'il est facile de jouer n'importe quel instrument musical --- tout que vous devez faire est de toucher la bonne clef au bon temps et l'instrument se jouera. Et ainsi il est vrai quand j'ai entendu ce pianiste aveugle jouer sa musique enchanteresse. Il n'a eu besoin d'aucune note pour le guider. Il a seulement eu son esprit et sa passion. Ceux étaient assez.


Moof said...

People lacking one of the basic senses seem to be able to throw more of themselves into a love or passion - like music. Perhaps it allows them to focus more completely on what they're doing ...

DAvid said...

what a shame he could never see this excellent shot!

Sidney said...

Is he a cell phone addict? ;-)

Nice sepia tone. What a shiny piano! Too bad we can't hear the music.

cergie said...

Ton pianiste aveugle et mon jardin des senteurs: cette étiquette sur mon troisième post.
J'ai écrit: toucher des doigts, toucher des yeux.
Des étiquettes en braille pour personnes malvoyantes.
Badly sighted, pas comme toi.

Emer said...

MOOF: They say if you lack sight, your hearing compensates. If you combine this with passion, I'm pretty sure anyone can come up with something very artistic.

DAVID: Yes, I know. Words can never approximate what a picture can capture.

SIDNEY: I think he plays on Saturday afternoons at the Greenhills theatre lobby.

CERGIE: Merci de ton mots aimables. Merci d'aimer mes photos.

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