Sapid Squid Legs

Tuesday, November 8 | |

Kodak CX7430 Zoom, aperture at f4.60, shutter speed at 1/180 sec., focal length of 102mm, no-flash, ISO 80, 11/03/05 at 11:29pm

Yes, these are squid legs. Fat, fleshy, and relatively long compared to the ones we have here in Manila. I found these at Mr. Squid, a small food stall near the cable car station in Ocean Park in Hong Kong. The verdict? It's good enough to have you ordering for a second serving!


bayi said...

Makes me think about wanting to go back to Hong Kong. There are many other yummies.

Did you use a filter to enhance the red color?

Dr Emer said...

Helloo, Bayi! Yes, I used OptikVerve Lab's Sunset Preset to highlight the crisp colors. Hong Kong is great, Bayi!

Chuck Despres said...

Made me want to be getting some yummy lunch from a street vendor in Hong Kong or some other cosmopolitan to LUNCH FOR NOW.

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