The 'Samurai' Sweeper

Thursday, December 8 | |

Kodak CX7430 Sports Mode, aperture at f3.40, shutter speed at 1/45 sec., focal length of 53mm, no-flash, ISO 300, 11/29/05 at 01:27pm

He isn't really a samurai warrior. But he sure moved liked one. I've always been fascinated with samurai warriors and their fantastic moves --- you know what I mean --- the way they slash the air with their swords and how their enemies fall like flies. So, imagine my surprise when I saw this man while strolling along the Meiji Shrine Gardens. You see, for all the wonderful colors of autumn leaves, the bad part about it are the numerous dried leaves that don't seem to get tired of falling down. In short, somebody should clean them up fast, before they fill up the whole garden. This is the man's specialty. Falling leaves are the enemies. He should get rid of them faster than their....."falling-rate," if ever there is such a term with falling leaves.

I literally had to run fast to catch him in action. He moved so fast I shot only 4 images of him. See the sequence above. I should've used the burst mode. Too late. He moved liked the samurai warriors I saw in movies when I was small. He wielded that broom like a katana, the legendary 24-inch sword of true samurai warriors.


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