Autumn Walk

Friday, February 10 | |

Kodak CX7430 Auto, aperture at f3.20, shutter speed at 1/45 sec., focal length of 42mm, no-flash, ISO 200, 12/03/05 at 12:38pm

This was taken in the path going to the Meiji Gardens in Tokyo, Japan. Autumn was about to close and winter was about to begin. It was cold getting colder and only the colors of the tree leaves keep you in high spirits. I used 85B Kodak Wratten glass filter simulators to enhance this image.


Sidney said...

Amazing colors & light!
This is really beautiful !

tita nene said...

hi doc emer,
very interesting photos you got here, just wondering - how can you make the photos to turn out this size, without losing the sharpness? i have a nice time browsing your photoblog. thank you...

Rose DesRochers said...

What a beautiful Picture.

Rose DesRochers

Dr Emer said...

Thanks, Sidney, Tita Nene, and Rose.

Resizing hardly affects the sharpness of an image when the resolution is high. An optimal resolution for images like the ones you see here would be 4 megapixels. Having a higher resolution of 7-8 MP would be better.

John said...

Rich colour, nice light, good capture.

eye said...

ganda ng colors, para siyang painting. that's one of my ultimate dreams, to visit Japanese gardens :)

bayi said...

Rich and striking. Look at the sunlight rays coming in between the trees!

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