Ponkan Delight!

Friday, February 17 | |

Kodak CX7430 Auto, aperture at f2.70, shutter speed at 1/20 sec., focal length of 34mm, no-flash, ISO 140

At 18 baht per kilo, these ponkan mandarin oranges were a bargain! They were sweet, juicy, fresh, and very delicious. This was taken at a local public market near the Thailand National Park.


Sidney said...

I have a picture of ponkan oranges in my Chinese New Year series. In Binondo it is 3 pieces for 25 pesos.
My question to you : Where should we buy our ponkan oranges? Where is it cheaper?
In any case your oranges are more shiny than mine ! :-)

Emer said...

In the public market near my place, they sell it at 8 pieces per 100 pesos. They're ok, but not as sweet as the ones you see here. Price-wise, I think you got a good bargain there in Binondo. But quality-wise, the oranges in Thailand are better. The 18-baht/kilo ponkans I bought there had more than 15 pieces, hence the reason why I called it a good bargain, both in price and quality.

Sofie said...

Hi Dr. Emer,

You've got nice shots in your site. Thnx for dropping by at my site. I only noticed your message 3 days ago.

Dr Emer said...

No worries, Sofie. Thanks, also.

bayi said...

They are cheap indeed. They look like locally grown ones. In some restaurants you can get orange drinks squeezed from ponkam oranges. Goes very well with Thai cuisine! Sarap! Wish I am there again.

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