Mighty Sombun

Tuesday, February 28 | |

Kodak CX7430 Auto, aperture at f3.00, shutter speed at 1/60 sec., focal length of 42mm, no-flash, ISO 80

Mighty Sombun is a female elephant who is more than 40 years old, but still very strong and very lively. She lives in Jungle Hut near Thailand's National Park. This is my first encounter with an elephant at close range. She's a cheerful creature, and even dances when requested.


eye said...

wow, she's old! sorry for the ignorance, pero ano ba lifespan ng elephants? hehe!

Emer said...

Around 70 years, I think.... :)

Sidney said...

Wow! Impressive animal!
Are you sure she wasn't angry at you ;-)

John said...

Nice shot of a 'working' elephant and keeper, I like the high key background against the bright light.

Suby said...

would definitely have not been any where near the elephant

Suby said...

I would defintely not stand so close to such a huge animal. Me a coward you see :)

Emer said...

Sidney, after feeding her with several bananas and a handful of peanuts, I don't think she's angry with me. :)

Thanks, John. Your comments inspire me to experiment more with this new hobby. :)

I understand, Suby. I was also hesitant initially....but she was really friendly....any fear you have will surely disappear. :)

delish said...

Uhm, I think i'd be too scared to be near an elephant... :D

Emer said...

Pareho kayo ni soulmate, Delish

bayi said...

Wow! This is a huge elephant. The last time I sat on one was when I visited Nepal a few years ago. Apparently we had to ride on one to get into the safari park where there were rhinos, who would not dare to attack elephants! Wonderful creatures.

lyn-pinsan said...

Later i will show my son this picture i'm sure he will love it. He likes animals, i remember the first time we saw an elephant as big as this was during circus show in Milan ,Italy.Congrats K. Emer what a nice shot!!!

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