Peanut Pods

Wednesday, February 1 | |


Early this evening I was eating maning nilaga (boiled peanuts; brain food) while studying a patient's case when I had the urge to take a photograph of an unusual peanut pod arrangement (left peanut pod). Later, I decided to pair it off with a normal peanut pod so you can see the difference. Then I used the mirror effect and adjusted the hue and saturations using Kyoto coloring. The original photo with mirror effect is shown below. While we are at it, did you know that the peanut is not really a nut but a woody pod?

Kodak CX7430 Close-Up, aperture at f4.10, shutter speed at 1/91 sec., focal length of 82mm, fill-flash, ISO 80, 01/31/06 at 18:31pm


Sidney said...

"Early this evening I was eating maning nilaga"... with some drinks ? :-)
It is not only food for the brain, it looks like mini brains in your pictures. :-)

mimi said...

ang ganda...

lam nyo po.. parang.. body parts ang nasa left side na peanut.. parang madaming "heart"...

Dr Emer said...

No drinks, Sydney. :) Yes I agree. They sure look as fleshy as real brains. Thank God, they're miniature.

Dr Emer said...

Salamat, Mimi. Oh yes, taking your perspective, they look like ventricles of the heart, too. :)

cergie said...

J'en ai mangé des cacahuètes fraîches en Côte d'Ivoire, Maman les faisit à l'eau ou grillées. Délicieuses ! Mais redoutables pour les intestins, pardonnez moi ! AhAhAhAh!

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