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Wednesday, March 8 | |

Kodak CX7430 Close-Up, aperture at f4.00, shutter speed at 1/90 sec., focal length of 66mm, no-flash, ISO 140

I love pizza. But I don't usually order those in the commercials. I make my own. Here is a sample of one of my creations. I call this the Pizza Floss Special. Why? Because its main ingredient is pork floss. More meat, less fat. I also like plenty of mushrooms, pepperoni, green bell peppers, onions, pepper, tomato paste, and pure-grade mozzarella cheese.


lyn-pinsan said...

Complimenti, buono! You are such a good cook, nagutom ako sa inihayin you pizza is also one of favorite italian food, have you tried four season pizza?

John said...

Great colour and detail in this, looks good enough eat :-)

Sidney said...

When do you invite your blog visitors to your home to taste your home baked pizza's? I will bring the wine ! ;-)
A bit strange looking pizza but for sure yummy.

Emer said...

Yes, Lyn, 4-season pizza is great, too. I tried it once in NY. I think they call it Pizza Quattro Stagione. It's mozzarella with fontina and prosciutto, right? Molto squisito, effettivamente!

Thanks, John.

Sidney, I'd love to invite you all one of these days. That would be great! :)

Sidney said...

We will keep this in mind ! ;-)

psyche said...

shucks im hungry again.

eye said...

wooow sarap! *drools* i thought it's one of bread talk's new products coz' i remember trying their cheese floss once.

i love your pizza coz' it's packed with veggies. have your tried yellow cab's gourmet garden? my fave :D

bayi said...

Again, the details are most memorable. Look at the floss, the little droplets of oil and the cross section of the crust.

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