Toasted Moth

Tuesday, March 7 | |

Kodak CX7430 Auto, aperture at f4.60, shutter speed at 1/120 sec., focal length of 102mm, no-flash, ISO 140

A construction crane accidentally knocked out a major electrical post near my place yesterday. It caused a block-wide power failure, and made me eat dinner using candles as my lighting source. While eating, a moth was drawn to my candle light and it killed itself by doing a kamikaze dive on the candle flame. I tried to grab my camera to take shots of its spectacular stunt, but I was too late. What you see here is what's left of its burnt remains. What a pity.


John said...

Good close up, nice colour.

david said...

Poor little moth! Still a good shot anyway! cheers :)

Sidney said...

Always have a camera nearby!
You never know when a plane will crash in your backyard or a moth dive in a candle flame...
By the way, nice shot !

Emer said...

Thanks, John and David!

Thanks for the tip, Sidney. These days, I keep the camera really within reach. I also make sure the batteries are fully charged. But hey, I don't want no plane to crash near my place, ok? *LOL*

bayi said...

The moth is like a natural part of the whole picture. Great color shot. I can't help feeling sorry for the moth.

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