Palm Sunday

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Kodak CX7430 Auto, aperture at f2.70, shutter speed at 1/4 sec., focal length of 34mm, no-flash, ISO 140

Palm Sunday in the Philippines is a very colorful event. It marks the approach of the Holy Week where Filipinos spend most of their time leaving Manila to vacation in the provinces, and yes, to a certain extent to remember the agony that Jesus went through before and during crucifixion. I took these pictures at Sto. Domingo Church in Quezon City. What you see here are a multitude of people waving their decorated palaspas (coconut leaves improvised to look like palm leaves) as they are blessed with holy water by a roving Catholic priest.

Kodak CX7430 Auto, aperture at f2.70, shutter speed at 1/4 sec., focal length of 34mm, no-flash, ISO 140


lyn-pinsan said...

It's nice to see many people waving their palaspas, but it reminds me something here abroad they only give those palm leaves or olive leaves,but in the Phils. they sell it, WHY?

Emer said...

Because there are so many people here who have no or too little money to survive a day, Lyn. Those palaspas sell anywhere from P10-P25 each, depending on the design. Yes, it is spiritual, and yes, it is also entrepreneurial.

jepaperts said...

i like the movement here. the colors are nice. have a solemn week, doc.

Sidney said...

I witnessed this for the first time this passed Palm Sunday. Quite an experience!

cergie said...

En France, nous bénissons du buis. Mon père avait du buis dans le jardin à cet effet et j'en ai aussi ! Tous les ans aux rameaux, mon père était au premier rang et tous les ans il était en photo dans le journal local... J'aime comme vous vous intéressez à toute chose, Dr Elmer...

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