Friday Afternoon

Saturday, May 6 | |

Kodak CX7430 Auto, aperture at f5.60, shutter speed at 1/350 sec., focal length of 34mm, no-flash, ISO 100

One fine Friday afternoon last week, I spotted this lady studying under the caring shade of this old tree.


ipanema said...

What caught my eyes are the lianas or are they roots clinging on the tree. The tree is bending outwards, enjoying the sun. Look at the orangey effect on the ground, nice colour. Still can crop on the left Doc, don't worry the lady will still be there. :)

What kind and how old do you think the tree is?

ipanema said...

now i know why you cant crop on the left, the foliage, it wont be balanced. :) I need new specs.

Emer said...

IPANEMA: Hello. This is inside UST campus. I took this last week. I will go there tomorrow to hear Sunday mass. I will ask the gardener, or my friend priest if they know how old this tree is.

Re: "to crop or not to crop" - Cropping and composition in photography can be a real challenge sometimes. Please be patient with a newbie. I also had mixed thoughts about cropping that left part. Thanks for changing your mind. :)

ipanema said...

I'm no pro either doc, dont listen to me. Dont crop. I just love the trunks pushed outwards. They look strong. Oh, that would be nice. I miss the school. Most of my friends were seminarians. I think the hospital's just celebrated their 60th? I don't know if the priests still walk about every afternoon. :)

Sidney said...

A nice place to study.
Let me guess the age... 254 years!

More than the crop issue I am a bit disturbed by the placement of the copyright. I added a copyright sign (in the left or right corner of my pictures) a few weeks ago as an extra protection. I don't like it since I think it spoils the picture. So putting it in the middle of the picture is even more disturbing. In both cases it doesn't offer much protection. Mine are easily cropped off and yours can be easily photoshopped...

ipanema said...

lol sidney...254! the copyright issue is true.

Sidney said...

Don´t laugh, Ipanema! Let´s wait for the priest! ;-)

Emer said...

You are more accurate than the priest, Syd. He can't really say how old the tree is, but said he's pretty sure its more than 200 years old. The university's botany department might have info but since there are no classes yet, I still have to wait for a more accurate answer. :)

Emer said...

Oh, I forgot about the copyright issue. Yes, I know it somewhat spoils the pic, but I think that's the idea --- to discourage would-be stealers. I know it doesn't help much, but I think it communicates somehow how much I do not like my pictures getting copied/reproduced without my permission.

AG said...

What a wonderful old tree. I like the human interest of the woman studying a paper and those seats look riot-proof !

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