Sneaky Snake

Tuesday, May 2 | |

Kodak CX7430 Zoom, aperture at f2.90, shutter speed at 1/32 sec., focal length of 34mm, fill-flash, ISO 100

Arboreal and nocturnal, this type of mangrove snake from Malaysia looked puzzled and surprised as I took this shot.


Jens said...

Wow....what colours...and details...:) I think this beast is about to change the skin...the eye already a bit unclear. Great shot!

bayi said...

Snakes are beautiful but deadly. There is some fear because I don't know which one is poisonous and which one is not. Look at the details on its body scales. They are fascinating!

John said...

What a super shot. Very good detail, colour and composition.

Emer said...

JENS: Thanks for the info. I was also puzzled by its blurry eye. Now I know why.

BAYI: I think this type of snake is mildly poisonous.

JOHN: Thanks.

bayi said...

On close examination, do I see a bulge along the body of the snake? Did it just eat before you took the shot?

ipanema said...

i see that too bayi. i dont like snakes. was this taken at Zoo Negara?

Emer said...

BAYI and IPANEMA: No, this was taken at Aquaria inside KLCC. I wouldn't know if it just ate. I took the shot, and ran away. *LOL*

Sidney said...

Wow! Lovely pet you got !
Great colors! Beautiful !

ipanema said...

lol doc. accdg. to sidney, u just got yourself a pet. :)

sidney, maybe u should see this pet at Dr. Emer's clinic. :)

jepaperts said...

excellent composition and colors, doc. dof and details are fine. thanks for sharing!

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