Mr. Long Legs

Tuesday, May 8 | |

Kodak CX7430, aperture at f4.10, shutter speed at 1/45 sec., focal length of 82mm, fill-flash, ISO 140

This is Mr. Long Legs. I gave him that name for obvious reasons. I often see him walking silently on walls, sometimes in a creepy manner, other times in a quick blur, often seemingly in search of some thing. Have I ever tried to kill him? Oh, no! He eats something I hate so I consider him a friend. His favorite meals include cockroaches.

C'est M. Long Legs. Je lui ai donné ce nom pour des raisons évidentes. Je le vois souvent marcher silencieusement sur des murs, parfois d'une façon rampante, d'autres fois dans une tache floue rapide, souvent apparemment à la recherche d'une certaine chose. Est-ce que j'ai jamais essayé de le tuer ? Ah, non ! Il mange quelque chose que je déteste ainsi je le considère un ami. Ses repas préférés incluent des cancrelats.


Carol said...

Please say aloha for me to your long-legged friend. Im just afraid you might have hurt him when you cropped his legs in the picture. lol! Nice shot at ang galing ng timing ha, sabay ba ng showing ng spiderman 3?.

L.Reis said...

Brrrr!!! Lucky for me it's only a picture or I'll be jumping all over. Very nice details and great result with the B&W

Cergie said...

comment as tu fait pour l'immobiloser les bras en croix ainsi ? C'est drôle, on est effrayé et dégouté parce que c'est une araignée et si c'était un crabe on serait mis en appétit !

MM Del Rosario said...

good shot, dr. emer. I like it.

Princess Haiku said...

What an amazing photo. I would prefer to see him outdoors, myself. -Really great shot.

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