All In A Day's Work

Wednesday, November 16 | |

Nokia 6600, taken through dark tinted glasses of the car on 11/15/05 at 04:15pm

Whether it's nearing the holiday season or not, the life of a Manila street vendor is rife with adventures one can only imagine seeing in action movies. I took this shot while stuck in traffic using my camera phone to make you see what I mean. Here you see him hitching a free ride on the back of a truck. With an assortment of goodies ranging from newspapers, candies, cigarettes, junk food like your favorite fish crackers or probably potato chips, see that styrofoam chest hanging on his right shoulder? I bet he also sells bottled cold mineral water and canned sodas. He and hundreds like him navigate the dangerous highways of the metropolis inhaling harmful air pollutants and exposing themselves to the well-known daredevil stunts of Manila drivers. All in a day's work, I guess.


bayi said...

In Malaysia, he would have been arrested for travelling so recklessly. And the driver of the van would be penalised too. But the pic is truly an insight into the hardship of the poor in the Philippines.

Dr Emer said...

He ought to be arrested here, too, Bayi. 'Problem is, the concerned people do not know any better.

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