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Kodak CX7430, aperture at f2.73, shutter speed at 1/60 sec., focal length of 34mm, fill-flash, ISO 80

Italians call this food, pasta con vongole e gamberetti, or simply --- pasta with clams and shrimps. One taste, and you become addicted to it. Truly delicious!

Les Italiens appellent ce nourriture, "vongole et gamberetti de pâtes," ou simplement --- pâtes avec des palourdes et des crevettes. Un goût, et toi deviennent intoxiqués à elles. Vraiment délicieux!


ipanema said...

This is truly inviting! Mouthwatering.

Moof said...

Dr. Emer, I wasn't too certain about your frogs' legs in the previous picture. They're not that common here in the States, and I've only had a quick taste ... from a can. They weren't particularly appetizing. Perhaps they would have been, if properly prepared.

Your pasta plate, now ... that's quite another story. My mouth is watering just looking at the picture! Pasta is the only one of the starches that I really, truly enjoy ... and that enjoyment rises to the level of addiction, at times!

I'm going to hold you personally responsible for the extra pounds I put on today! ;o)

Emer said...

Guilty as charged, Moof! *LOL*

eye said...

*drools over seafood pasta*
is that parmesan on the right? ;)

Sidney said...

I hope the clams were fresh ! ;-)

Emer said...

That is parmesan cheese, Eye. And yes, the clams were fresh and tasty, Sidney! :)

cergie said...

Ce qui est important dans les pates, dr emer, c'est la qualité de la matière première. Des pates, à la tomate en passant par les aromates. Le basilic est ce que je préfère et j'en ai toujours dans mon jardin aux beaux jours.

Emer said...

Je sais que vous avez le basilic dans votre jardin, Cergie. C'est pourquoi je vous connais probablement le service un des pâtes les plus délicieuses en France.

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