Hairy and Yummy

Monday, September 4 | |

Kodak CX7430, aperture at f2.70, shutter speed at 1/8 sec., focal length of 66mm, fill-flash, ISO 140

Weird-looking fruit? Looks hairy with all its spines? Wait until you taste it. Its sweet and sour taste will change the way you look at it. This is the Rambutan, from the Malaysian word "rambut," which means hairs.

Étrange-regarder le fruit? Regarde velu avec toutes ses épines? Attendez jusqu'à ce que vous le goûtiez. Son goût doux et aigre changera la manière que vous la regardez. C'est le Ramboutan, du mot malaisien "rambut," qui signifie des poils.


ipanema said...

Beautiful photo! i love succulent rambutan.

cecille said...

yum yum! :)

Sidney said...

Rambutan is really a weird looking fruit!

cergie said...

Même réflexion avec le durian, fruit à l'odeur insupportable pour les Occidentaux !

Emer said...

Ah, le durian sent vraiment terrible!

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