Green Seaweeds

Thursday, March 29 | |

Kodak CX7430, aperture at f3.03, shutter speed at 1/60 sec., exposure bias at -0.5, focal length of 102mm, fill-flash, ISO 100

There are over one thousand species of green seaweeds, and not all of them are edible. Some, like the green one in the photo, are eaten as appetizer for most meals, especially by rural folk here in the Philippines. For me, I can eat it solo with golden organic brown rice. Seaweeds are also thought to have curative properties for diseases like tuberculosis, goiter, arthritis, and influenza.

Il y a plus de mille espèces des algues vertes, et pas tous sont comestibles. Certains, comme le vert dans la photo, sont mangés comme apéritif pour la plupart des repas, particulièrement par les gens ruraux ici aux Philippines. On pense également des algues pour avoir les propriétés curatives pour les maladies comme la tuberculose, le goître, l'arthrite, et la grippe. Pour moi, je peux le manger avec du riz brun organique d'or.


Sidney said...

Yes, I read somewhere that seaweed is very healthy. I don't really enjoy the taste but if it is healthy I should eat more of them...
Great colors!

Bugsy said...

Here in the Visayas, they are called "lato". Very delicious especially with grilled fish.

L.Reis said...

Never seen this "seaweeds" before...but on your photo they look like a jewel of light nice!

ipanema said...

I love 'lato'. Another edible variety looks like a coral. But the one on the photo is what I like.

Nice photo!

Dr. Emer said...

SIDNEY: Caution --- it can be salty, and if you're hypertensive, better think twice about your seaweed servings. ;-)

BUGSY: Same in Manila --- they're also called "lato," and yes, they go great with grilled fish and hot rice. Yummy!

L.REIS: That is what I liked best about them --- their light reflections. :-)

IPANEMA: I have yet to try the coral version. Where do you think can I find one? ;-)

ipanema said...

Visayas doc. :) Though it's a bit rough. It looks like the stem of the photo above but it's harder. Seldom you find it. People find the grape-like seaweed better which I agree. It's softer too.

Cergie said...

Ce doit être très bon
Je n'aime pas la viande, je préfère les légumes, les fruits et les graines

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